The facilities of NEW RIVER KENNELS are conveniently located just off I-85 South between exits 41 and 35.  Our modern & efficient kennels house our own dogs and provide clean & cozy temperature controlled kennels for the comfort & care of our dogs and their canine friends.


We provide a raised bed for each dog & fenced exercise grounds that can provide for private or group play and airing. We have over 75 acres of fenced open space completely dedicated to use for our dogs & their canine friends.



• Clean & dry

• Well-lit

• Temperature controlled

• Indoor & outdoor options

• 125 acres dedicated to use for dogs

Training Ponds

Training Grounds

1050 Bo Bo Banks Rd, Grantville GA 30220. Email address (newriverkennelsGA@gmail.com) & Phone # (678-340-6683).

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